Here is the story of Mulberry Valais starting with Georgina & Giovanna

Meet Georgie & Gio

New arrivals

Georgie & Gio arrived in February 2020, I kept them next to my house for the first few weeks to get to know them and keep an eye on them. This is my Mum feeding them lamb creep by hand so they get to know human contact

cheeky lambs

They became very tame & friendly and used to stand at the back door at feeding times! Very cute little faces

lambs in snow

We had snow! We don’t get snow here in Norfolk very often, obviously they loved it being mountain sheep, however they had outgrown their nursery and time to move them to their field

Moving to their new home

New arrivals

With the help of my sheep owning neighbour we bought Georgie & Gio to their new home


Georgie & Gio’s new home is at Wood Farm Cottages, less than half a mile from my house. I got some pallets from the local pet supplies and David from the Farm put this together without me knowing on his Sunday, what a good job!

grazing in sunshine

They settled in pretty quickly and the owners of the Farm were very excited to have my lambs there. Guests would be arriving soon to spend their holidays and the lambs would be an attraction……

Behind Mulberry Valais Blacknose Sheep

I live in North Norfolk and my adventure with Valais Blacknose has started here

Mulberry Valais @ Wood Farm Cottages

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