This will be an experimental procedure, hopefully no-one will be injured during this experiment!!

Only kidding but as Georgie is light in frame and tends to follow me about in a gentle way Gio is anything but gentle! She is very big, must weigh around 60 kilos and very twitchy. This may be due to being tipped up at a young age and having a needle stuck in her leg but she needs to get over that and it wasn’t done for fun

Why are you doing this?

  • Because it will be fun, Georgie will probably enjoy the experience and the holiday guests will love it
  • Because I didn’t buy these sheep to be left alone in a field all day

The problem is Gio gets upset without Georgie next to her so I have to walk them both really, at the same time.

Gio is excellent at barging about, to be continued

so, I enlisted the help of unsuspecting Emma from the Farm, put collars on Georgie & Gio and embarked on our first walk around the farm. Getting Gio out of the paddock was tricky, she doesn’t like the fence & was a bit jumpy at first. Once we got going though they were great! Gio nibbled everything in sight, stepping out on the road & gravel was funny but they were very brave & took it in their stride, literally! Emma loved the experience and my sheep appeared to love it to, what a success!

So the first sheep walk with kids holidaying on the farm was a complete disaster ended up with very stressed sheep and after deciding this is definately not for me, or my poor sheep I slept on it for a few nights and eventually decided on a Plan B.

Children who are the same height as my sheep and are exciteable, prone to trantrums and unpredicable are not suitable for walking with large sheep with very sharp horns. So, I decided to specify that the sheep are big, strong and have horns and children must be over the age of 10 . Half hoping no-one would take up on my offer only a week later I got a text asking if someone could walk with my sheep, aaargh!

So, this was it really, make or break my fledgling sheep walking enterprise. I got there early, got Georgie on a lead and walked her about a bit first, saw the family coming towards me in a very calm manner, children calm, Georgie calm, this was going to be just fine so off we went!

Saskia is a natural with sheep! look at this ! taken by Natasha, Saskia’s Mum. Little Georgie trotted round like a little pony, obviously nibbling everything in sight in the beautiful grounds of WoodFarm. I shall definately continue with the sheep walking and have learnt a lot in the past few weeks how my sheep behave around around different people. On this occasion I did not take Gio and she was very upset at first but Chris stepped in and kept Gio entertained with some cow parsley until we got back.

Natasha took this lovely photo of Georgie, it’s so lovely and although Georgie is not perfectly marked I have entered it in a competition on Ladies who Lamb FB page as it’s very cute!

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